An Experience Like No Other

校董会 defines 全球十大赌钱软件app as Georgia's health/sciences/medical college. 我们就是这样. 自豪地. We are also a dynamic, comprehensive research university offering more than 150 areas of study, across ten colleges through undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

It’s your life—and wherever it leads you, we’re committed to helping you define it, make meaning of it, and live it on your own terms.

Here, we worry about immunity. In lupus patients who are more susceptible to viruses, yes. But also in the adaptive code that stands between a credit card company’s digital files and the hacker who 会渗透进去.

Here, we pay attention to vital signs of all kinds: Monitors beeping steadily in our teaching hospital. Economic indicators plotted on a smart board in our school of business. The developmental milestones of a first grader tracked by a student teacher onsite at a local school.

And most of all, we think deeply about quality of life. How is it affected by an experimental drug for low blood pressure? 它是如何受到影响的 by poverty or environmental degradation? What can the performing arts do to enrich it? What can history tell us about how we should define it?

自1828年以来, students have come to us in search of a better life for themselves and their families. Today, our campuses in Augusta and across Georgia remain at the forefront of exceptional teaching and groundbreaking research, focused on improving and enriching the fullness of the human experience—for you, for others, 对生活.

学院、学校、 & 库

With locations throughout Augusta and at satellite campuses in Athens, Albany, Rome and Savannah, the university’s ten colleges and schools have a truly statewide impact 在乔治亚州.

Medical College of Georgia, the nation’s eighth-largest and 13th-oldest medical school, the university’s 健康 Sciences Campus is at the forefront of health care innovation. 坐落于美丽 downtown Augusta and housing the state’s largest 护理学院,综合的 College of Allied 健康 Sciences, 澳门十大赌厅app下载生院 and the state’s only dental school, The Dental College of Georgia, the 健康 Sciences Campus is also home to the state’s only public academic medical center.

Built in and around a former United States arsenal, the historic Summerville Campus is home to the university’s liberal arts curriculum. In the shade of ancient trees, 来自 Katherine Reese Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; the nationally ranked 詹姆斯米. Hull College of Business; the 教育学院; and the College of Science and Mathematics prepare students for a lifetime of critical thinking, creativity and entrepreneurial 成功.

AU masked students on campus


Nestled along the Savannah River, the Riverfront Campus is located in Augusta's growing cybersecurity corridor and houses the state-owned 佐治亚网络中心, a state-of-the-art cyber center comprised of the university's School of Computer and Cyber Sciencesa cutting-edge cyber range, a 340-seat auditorium, secure briefing space, incubator space for innovation and entrepreneurship, and classrooms; as well as proximity to industry professionals and innovative start-ups.

Opened in 1991, Christenberry Fieldhouse houses 11 of the Augusta Jaguars’ 13 competition 体育. In addition to housing all administrative and support staff for the 全球十大赌钱软件app Department of 全球十大赌钱软件app, CFH also houses the 教育学院’s Department of Kinesiology. The Forest Hills Campus, on which CFH is located, also houses a full-size golf course, baseball, softball and soccer fields and serves as the home of the Jaguars’ nationally recognized NCAA Division I golf team.

Our campus libraries, the 罗伯特B. 格林布拉特,M.D. 图书馆 on the 健康 Sciences Campus and the 里斯库 on the Summerville Campus, provide comprehensive information resources and services in support of the teaching, discovery, and clinical care mission of our student-centered research university and academic medical center.

Located in the heart of Augusta

Students at a cafe on broad street

Georgia’s second-oldest and second-largest city, Augusta, is situated on the southern banks of the storied Savannah River. Serving as a halfway point between the Appalachian Mountains to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the south, Augusta is a thriving community built on a solid foundation of local pride and artistic eccentricity. 读 on to find out why we feel so good about our hometown.